Waxed Plastic Foundation Sheet

Coating plastic foundation with beeswax has several benefits in beekeeping:

  1. Encourages natural comb building: Bees are more likely to build natural-looking comb on a wax-coated plastic foundation, which can help to improve the health of the colony.
  2. Facilitates scent marking: Bees use scent marking to communicate and orient themselves within the hive, and wax-coated plastic foundations can help to facilitate this process.
  3. Increases acceptance by the colony: Bees are more likely to accept and use a wax-coated plastic foundation, as it more closely resembles the natural wax they would use to build comb.
  4. Improves insulation: The wax coating can help to insulate the comb and regulate the temperature within the hive, which is essential for the health and survival of the colony.

Overall, coating plastic foundation with beeswax can help to improve the health and productivity of a bee colony, making it a valuable addition to any beekeeper’s toolkit.

We are manufacturer and wholesaler of plastic foundation sheets. Our plastic foundation sheets are made of brand new food grade HIPS. We use local bee coating these plastic foundation sheets.

We offer wholesale prices for commercial beekeepers and beekeeping supplies retailers

There are different sizes as below:

Depth plastic foundation sheet, Size: 280mm * 425mm

Full Depth plastic foundation sheet, Size: 214mm * 425mm

WSP plastic foundation sheet, Size: 160mm * 425mm

Manley plastic foundation sheet, Size: 140mm * 425mm

Ideal plastic foundation sheet, Size: 120mm * 425mm




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