Top Bait 35-gm Topbait Plus 35g – Small Hive Beetle-Apis Traps

  • Works for Small Hive Beetles and Cockroaches
  • Highly Effective
  • “Who doesn’t have Hive Beetles in the hive and Cockroaches in the House ??
  • One solution for Both Problems is Top bait “
  • Top Bait Plus bait helps control Small Hive Beetles in bee hive.
  • Middle slot of Apes Traps needs to be filled with Top bait Gel(do not put gel directly into hive box, used in traps only).
  • Our recommendations is keep cleaning and filling gel in Apes traps every month in Summer and Spring. In winter, 3-months should be more than enough.
  • Take care the trap does not become wet.

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