1. Temporary replacement of the queen. When a queen dies and no other queen is available immediately or the queen is failing, TempQueen can be used to keep the colony queenright for up to 3 weeks. Remove the queen and all queen cells and insert one TempQueen. Once a replacement queen is available TempQueen is removed and the new queen is introduced.
2. Shipping queenless bee packages. TempQueen is typically used to keep a bee package queenright in the absence of a queen. Use one lure per bee package. The lure will calm the bees and they will arrive in good shape at the destination.
3. Holding queenless splits and nuclei. Insert one TempQueen between the two central brood combs of the prepared unit. The lure will hold these units for about three weeks.
4. Stabilize disposable pollination units. The cost of disposable pollination units can be reduced by using TempQueen instead of a true queen.
5. Improving queen rearing success. TempQueen used in queen mating nuclei can maintain higher worker numbers than non-treated nucs. Use one TempQueen per mating nuclei when it is established.

Cinch the cable tie (provided) around the lure. Attach the lure holder to the top bar of the middle frame using a thumb tack or pushpin.

Store lures in an airtight bag in a freezer (below 0ºC or 32 F) until use. Lures will last for 3 years.
Avoid touching the lures with bare hands. Use disposable rubber gloves to prevent contamination.

TempQueen is not toxic to bees, animals or humans.

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