Nicot Queen Introducing Cage

For traping the queen or to introduce the queen to a new hive.

Original Nicot!

Fill up the beepassing with dry candy
Take off the queen which has to be changed and take a frame with nearly newborn bees. (Newborn bees are not dangerous for the queen.)
Take off all the bees from the frame and add the introduction cage in the frame. You have to use the 4 plastic nails which are sitting on the side of the cage. On every corner of the cage you have a hole where you have to put the nails in so that you are able to attach it to the wax.
Keep a passage of 1 cm between the cage and the frame. If necessary take off a frame from the brood.
Add the new queen through the hole and close it wit the cap. (Cap is also sitting on the side of the cage)
After 2 days the passing is free of candy and the queen can begin to lay eggs.

Size of the cage: 14,50 x 13,00 cm

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