Metal Queen Excluder

Our high quality metal queen excluder are made of Galvanized steel. With properly sized openings for the worker bees to travel through. Flexible and durable. Easy to clean. Grill gap: 4.00-4.25mm

When the brood box looks full of bees you will need to add a super. Place a queen excluder on top of the brood box to prevent the queen from moving upwards and laying eggs in the combs inside the super above. Make sure that the excluder and the super both fit squarely and flush with the brood box. Then replace the hive lid.

As subsequent inspections, you will first have to remove the super and stand it on the upturned cover. Then lift the corner of the excluder and, if it is unframed, peel it carefully off the brood box. The bees will have stuck it down with propolis and may have built brace comb on or through it. Before replacing the excluder at the end of your inspection of the brood box, lay it on a flat surface, such as the top of another hive, and scrape off surplus material with your hive tool. Be careful not to catch the corner of the hive tool in one of the slots or you may deform the gap and make it large enough for the queen to squeeze through.

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