Ideal Plastic Foundation

The benefits of using plastic foundation in beekeeping include:

  1. Improved honeycomb stability: Plastic foundations provide a sturdy base for honeycomb construction, reducing the risk of collapse and improving the stability of the hive.
  2. Easier colony management: Plastic foundations can be used to control comb orientation, making it easier for beekeepers to manage their colonies.
  3. Better honey extraction: Plastic foundations can be designed with specific cell sizes, which can improve honey extraction and maximize honey production.
  4. Reduced disease transmission: Plastic foundations can be easily replaced, reducing the risk of disease transmission from old wax to new colonies.
  5. Cost-effective: Plastic foundations are typically less expensive than traditional wax foundations, making them a cost-effective option for beekeepers.

As a manufacturer and wholesaler of plastic foundation sheets. Our plastic foundation sheets are made of brand new food grade HIPS.

We offer wholesale prices for commercial beekeepers and beekeeping supplies retailers

Ideal plastic foundation sheet, Size: 120mm * 425mm

Please ask for price when your order is more than 10,000 each style.


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