Plastic Foundation Sheets

What is foundation sheet?

Foundation sheets are sheets of beeswax or plastic that are used to guide the comb building and give support to the comb.

Foundation sheet is not required in beekeeping, as bees will build comb without it. However, foundation sheet is used to guide the location and orientation of the comb.


How to Install foundation sheets?

Our foundation sheets are easy to install or replace. You can install or replace foundation sheet according to the instruction below:

  • Use glue and nails to assemble the frames of the top and bottom bars with grooves.
  • Apply beeswax to the plastic foundation.
  • Put the plastic foundation sheet with beeswax into the groove.


Why choose plastic foundation sheets?

Plastic foundation sheets are a strong and durable alternative to beeswax foundation sheets. 

There are many advantages of using plastic foundation over the tradition wax including:

  • Plastic foundation sheets is very durable and less likely to be damaged,
  • Plastic foundation sheets can be used over and over, and that is more cost effective,
  • Plastic foundation sheets are very strong, wax moth and mice can not destroy plastic foundation sheets,
  • Plastic foundation sheets can be stored at any temperature.


We are manufacturer of plastic foundation sheets. Our plastic foundation are made of food grade HIPS. The size include Depth, Full Depth, WSP, Manley, Ideal, etc. Our foundation sheets have below features and benefits:
  • Low-maintenance
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Cost-effective, particularly with the rising cost of beeswax
Please contact us for wholesale price if you will order big quantity. We keep enough stock in Melbourne warehouse.