Hive frame with wire

How to make a wired frame for beehive?

What is a wired frame? A wired frame is a single piece of wire is nailed to the frame on one end. Bee keepers usually use a wired frame to prevent comb from sagging. Wiring a beehive frame gives it strength and better support for wax comb. This article shows you how to wire a beehive frame by yourself. 

1. Put brass eyelets to the side bars of the timber frame.

wried frame

Use eyelets tool to assemble eyelets into side bar.

2. Apply PVA glue on the connection between the side bars and the top bar, install the top bar, and tap it with a rubber hammer. Then fix it with U-staples.

wried frame

Nail Top bar and side bars.

3. Turn the hive frame over, apply PVA glue to the connection between the side bars and the bottom bar, install the bottom bar, tap it with a rubber hammer, and then fix it with U-staples.

wried frame

Glue side bars.

4. Put the nailed frame on the wiring board, and use the push rod to push the side bar slightly to deform. Then put the stainless steel wire through the holes in side bars. Wrap the ends of the wire around the small nails, use a hammer to tap the small nails into the side bar to secure, and then break the wire.

5. Take out the frame, and then nail the U-staples on the joint sides of the side bar and the top bar.

wried frame

Nail the joint.

Such a qualified wired frame is ready.

Wire Frame ready.

Frame wiring is best done before you install foundation. You might still wire frames that already have foundation installed on them, apart from it may be a little less than perfect. We also provide a variety of choices for wiring frame, including 304 Stainless Steel Wire , wiring board, frames and so on (check our product link).