How to Choose Beekeeping Starter Kits?

Beekeeping is an interesting, rewarding and fun thing. However, beginner may feel intimidating when they first try to keep bees and buy equipment. There are a lot of preparation need to do to raise bees. Furthermore, a beekeeper beginner might find it difficult to select the best beehive for starting beekeeping. The easiest way to get everything a beginner needs is to buy a beekeeper starter kit. Beekeeping starter kits, as they called, are prepackaged bundles which contain the basic equipment or supplies of beekeeping. This blog is going to introduce the beekeeping starter kit and show you how to choose a perfect beekeeping starter kit.   

Bee hive starter kit

What are included in a Beekeeping Starter Kit?

Beekeeping starter kits should have everything that need to start beekeeping with nothing to worry about. A beekeeping starter kit contains a selection of beekeeping products, that are bundled together. It makes an all-in-one beekeeper starter kit very appealing for new beekeepers, who may not know all of the bee equipment.

Usually, a basic beekeeping starter kit contains a variation of the beekeeping equipment:

  • Beehive
  • Frames

Also, there are either unassembled or assembled options to choose.

In addition, some of expensive starter kits could also contain more things, such as:

  • Beekeeping smoker
  • Bee brush
  • Beekeeping gloves
  • Beekeeping suit
  • Hive tools
Bee hive starter kit assembled

The advantages and disadvantages of bee hive starter kit

There are several choices, each with its advantages and disadvantages. The benefits of bee hive starter kit are:

  1. You do not have to worry about choosing or buying many things. 
  2. The kit is often cheaper than buying things separately, it can save you some money. 
  3. The starter kit is designed for beekeeping beginners; hence it is not very difficult to use. 

The disadvantages of bee hive starter kit are:

You will only get what inside the bee hive starter kit, which means you cannot ask for other customized options.

Sometimes, what inside the bee hive starter kit are not what you really need, or they do not suit you. For example, you are not satisfied with its size after you receive the kit.

Overall, it is still recommended to purchase a bee hive starter kit if you are a totally newbie. After you get that kit, you can follow the guide to get to work. It would lower the difficulty of beekeeping, since there are lots of preparation need to do. 


What should you consider when choosing a bee hive starter kit?

There are a lot of different bee hive starter kits in the market. It may confuse you when choosing your ideal kit. So, what kinds of things you need to consider?


Design of the bee hive

As we know, there are many different types and materials of bee hives, some of them are wood, and some of them are plastic. Although they have some differences, merits and demerits, wood is usually more popular than plastic. When you choose a bee hive kit, you should first look at its bee hive’s material, size, and height. 



You should be aware that some bee hives come fully assembled, while some bee hives require assembly. If you are looking for the quickest start, choose a beehive that is assembled and painted. But if you want to enjoy a construction project, you can choose an unassembled bee hive.



A warranty is a sign that you are getting a good quality product to prevent if you have any further issues after you buy it. So, you should be careful about whether the bee hive starter kit is guaranteed or not.


Manual book

It is better to have a beekeeping guide book inside the bee hive kit. This manual book should contain all the beekeeping basics. As a beekeeping beginner, you will need the help you can get, and a manual book is desirable.


Beekeeping suit

Remember to check the size, you will wear the suit over your own clothes, so the beekeeping suit should be slightly larger. 

What should you do after receiving a bee hive starter kit?

After you get your kit, now it is time to begin your beekeeping journey. 

  • You should read the manual book to learn the basics of beekeeping.
  • Find out about any local beekeeping regulations.
  • Pick out a location for your hive.
  • Get some safety gear.
  • Buy a swarm to start the colony.
  • Start your beekeeping journey.
Bee hive starter kit assemble

Final word

Bee hive Starter kits are designed for beekeeping beginners, and they are practical tools to help beginners get on the right track. Bee hive starter kits contain all the necessary components, which means that you don’t have to make a list of what you need to buy for beekeeping. If you are interested in getting work in beekeeping as a beginner, we provide a Starter Kit Beehive Assembled, with FD BOX painted, hive lid painted, hive base (weather board) painted, full depth frame with local bee wax foundation, protective bee suit, sting resistant gloves, bee brush, hive lock with Poly strapper, and it is local pick up only, you can pay a visit to our stores. Other than that, we also provide 10-frame and 8-frame Starter Kit Beehive Flat Pack, which 8-frame contains:

  • 2 – 8 frame FD BOX
  • 1 – 8 frame hive lid
  • 1 – 8 frame hive base (weather board)
  • 1 – hive tool
  • 1 – Bee smoker to calm bees
  • 16 – Full Depth frame flat pack
  • 16 – Local made Wax Foundation
  • 1 – protective bee Jacket
  • 1 – sting resistant gloves
  • 1- Bee Brush
  • 1 – Hive lock with strapper
  • 1- 250g Stainless Steel wire
  • 1 – 40g Brass Eyelets

Hope you would enjoy your beekeeping journey!