Vitahive™ Power Feed™ Patties 15kg

    • VitaHive™ Power Feed™ is a powerful pollen supplement that not only delivers optimal nutrition to your hive but also significantly boosts your brood, bee health and longevity
    • Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients
    • Power Feed contains a unique, highly researched and specially blended mix of pH balanced proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals to provide your hives with the nutrition they need to thrive (plus they love the taste!). More importantly Power Feed is GMO free and does not contain any soy or animal products.

    It’s one thing getting the right ingredients but its another making them work to benefit your bees. Power Feed is proudly made in New Zealand using advanced milling techniques that significantly reduces the particle size of the ingredients. This is important. Why? When you’re as small as a bee a smaller particle makes a BIG difference. Smaller particles have a larger surface to volume ratio; when it comes to bees, this significantly improves digestion, bioavailability and uptake of the nutrients.

    VitaHive Power Feed is the perfect feed during times of low pollen availability or high energy demand. Feeding in autumn and spring can boost hive health; reduce winter losses and prime hives for the coming season.

    Power Feed is available in both ready to mix powder and pre-made ready-to-go patties.

    • Balanced amino acids with the highest protein levels in the market
    • Plant based proteins
    • Advanced milling techniques deliver significantly smaller particle sizes than traditional bee feed products resulting in improved bioavailability and nutrition
    • pH balanced for preservation and bee palatability
    • Added vitamins and minerals – chosen to mimic high-quality pollen and support bee health
    • High zinc which is linked to brood rearing, increased royal jelly and immune function
    • GMO free
    • Free from soy
    • New Zealand made and manufactured
    • Rigorous quality control using accredited NZ laboratories
    • Excellent uptake and in line with MegaBee in feeding trials
    • Power Feed™ Pattiesare the only patties available with a flax seed oil blend. This contains the optimal ratio of different length fatty acids, which have been shown to assist immunity and digestive health
  • About 15kg/box, 35pcs.
  • Each piece of Pattie can feed 4 beehives

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