bottling tank 90L

[Product name] Electric bottling tank

[Usage] This product is a double layer, stainless steel honey warmer. Main usage involves warming and melting honey or other liquid.


[Product parameters]

Material: stainless steel

Voltage: 220V, 110V (depending on requirement during purchase)



  1. Before use, please install water-level gauge and honey exit valve.
  2. Please ensure the voltage is appropriate.
  3. Load clean water (ideally distilled water) into the interlayer of the tank from the inlet shown in the image below. Use the water-level gauge to observe water level.
  4. Set required temperature.




  1. This product uses water in the interlayer of the tank to heat and melt honey or other liquid. Do NOT switch on and start heating if:
  • Water-level gauge has not been installed
  • Water has not been added to the interlayer
  • Water-level in the interlayer is too low

Failure to comply will result in damage to the product.


  1. Water should be removed from the interlayer after use.
  2. It is preferred to use distilled water. Other water sources may result in scaling.
  3. Please unplug after use.


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