9.5L Hive Doctor Top Feeder – 8 Frame

9.5L Hive Doctor Top Feeder – 8 Frame

  • This Hive Doctor completer top feeder saves you time and money whilst delivering a fantastic range of innovative features, including a larger capacity, integrated ready-to-use rim, and multiple feeding ports to improve bee access to syrup even on uneven ground
  •  Available in 8 Frame (9.5L) and 10 Frame (12L)
  • More importantly, all feeding ports lock firmly into place to prevent bee drownings
  • Made from tough, UV stable, high quality food grade polypropylene

Five feeding stations are located throughout the feeder; two on each end and another in the centre. Placement of the feeding stations has been carefully developed to ensure your bees can reach all the liquid sugar even when the hive is placed on uneven ground. Each feeding station was designed to firmly lock in place, preventing lifting and reducing bee drownings.


  • Integrated rim saves time and money – no wooden rim required
  • Feeding stations (bee savers) lock into place to prevent bee drownings
  • Fill level indicators for measured feeds
  • UV resistant food grade plastic
  • Designed with reinforced walls and ribbing
  • Perimeter access for feeding on uneven ground
  • Fully assembled – ready to go

NOTE: Caution should be taken when using top feeders with migratory lids as water may enter the hive during periods of wet weather. Best suited for use with lid styles that cover the joint between the top box and the feeder.

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