How to use queen excluder

A queen excluder is a tool used in beekeeping to prevent the queen bee from laying eggs in the honey supers. This keeps the honey free from the bee larvae and pupae. To use the queen excluder correctly, follow these steps: – Place the tool above the brood boxes and below the honey supers so […]


HOW TO CATCH SWARM Catching a swarm of bees can be an exciting and rewarding experience for beekeepers. Here’s a general guide on how to catch a swarm safely: Remember that working with bees can be risky, especially if you’re inexperienced. If you’re unsure about catching a swarm or dealing with bees, it’s best to […]

Sun Helmet

Wearing a sun helmet while beekeeping can offer several benefits: Overall, wearing a sun helmet while beekeeping can help to make the experience more comfortable and safer, reducing the risk of sunburn, heatstroke, and bee stings.

It’s Time to Harvest Honey

The best time to harvest honey depends on the type of honey and the climate in which it is produced. In general, it is best to harvest honey when the nectar flow is over and the bees have had time to process and store the nectar as honey. This usually occurs in late summer or […]

How to make a wired frame for beehive?

Hive frame with wire

What is a wired frame? A wired frame is a single piece of wire is nailed to the frame on one end. Bee keepers usually use a wired frame to prevent comb from sagging. Wiring a beehive frame gives it strength and better support for wax comb. This article shows you how to wire a beehive […]

Plastic Foundation Sheets

What is foundation sheet? Foundation sheets are sheets of beeswax or plastic that are used to guide the comb building and give support to the comb. Foundation sheet is not required in beekeeping, as bees will build comb without it. However, foundation sheet is used to guide the location and orientation of the comb.   […]